Jst Chill

Getting a little droney now… I do love to wallow in drone.

Keep an eye on small label Kuria for similar…

Black Elk - The Blackest Sky

In terms of the sound of the finished music, it was recorded largely on location using acoustic guitar, bowed guitars, moog prodigy, my voice and a sprinkling of effects where required. It relied on the sounds of the places themselves, the trees, river and Fogou in particular, and also the sonorities that these places provided when instruments and voices we’re sounded and recorded there. The mixing process was based on taking these raw ingredients and sculpting them into a finished whole, with the place as the focus to represent a week in the life of Lamorna, a poem to the place itself. -Matthew Shaw


Christoph Berg - 02 live at the St. John the Baptist Crypt, Bristol

A live recording from the Off-Key Session at the St John the Baptist Crypt, Bristol (UK) - April 15th 2012. The track is untitled so far and has been performed as the second of four improvised pieces in my set.

"I wanted this piece to resonate immediately and deeply into the core of the listener, to illumine through sound." -Lauridsen

The Green Kingdom - Butterstorm

This is the first track of Matmos’s recently released album, The Marriage of True Minds.

The album has a little bit of interesting trivia associated with it. Here is how Pitchfork explained it:

“The members of Matmos, Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt, conducted parapsychological experiments on a series of test subjects that sound oddly similar to those from the opening scene of Ghostbusters: They attempted to telepathically communicate their intentions for this record to their subjects, who then reported any images or sounds they thought they received.”

Jst Chill from williambravin on 8tracks Radio.

Jst Chill Mixtape


imageIf I were ever to go into space, this track would definitely be on my space mix tape. I love the drop near the end. It’s just a shame it’s such a short track.

digitalR3public - Synthetic Truth

Image: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre


After hearing this track by Theophany I immediately downloaded the whole album then lay in bed and listened to it the whole way through. The album, Time’s End, is arranged around the music and sounds of the game Majora’s Mask, but don’t feel that you have to have played the game to appreciate the atmospheric, nightmarish and often haunting beauty of this music.

Visit www.terriblefate.com for the whole album. You can also support Theophany by “paying what you want” on Bandcamp.

Theophany - Final Hours

Image: Ryan Heaney

chilled music mist

This dubstep-inspired and refreshingly unpretentious chill out track is described as ‘dreamstep’ by the artist, Benzamak, who speaks about the genre as follows:

"Dreamstep is all about relaxing and letting your mind drift off to wherever it is most comfortable."

So sit back, relax, and let your mind drift!

Benzamak - April Mist

Enjoyed this sound? Support Benzamak by voting for his track in a remix competition, here.

Image: Len Radin

Grønlandshavet - Alan Morse Davies

I’ve been meaning to post this swirling ambient soundscape for a long time. This emotive work by Alan Morse Davies conjures up such strong mental images for me I felt including a picture with the post was unnecessary.

Alan Morse Davies has an enormous quantity of music released, much of which can be downloaded for free from his blog, including some really experimental works.

If you enjoy this 18 minute work of art then you can download the full 44 minute version of this track as an MP3, here.